What is Text to Pay?

Text to pay, also known as SMS (Short Messaging Service) payment, is a payment solution that allows consumers to make a payment via texting on their smartphones. With this payment method, your customers send out a text to their client’s phone stating they can make a payment and have the option to text back “yes” to complete the transaction. This process makes for a seamless experience for both your customer’s business as well as for their clients.

Benefits of Text to Pay for Your Customers

  • Quickness – Businesses are now able to set up a system where they can automatically send payment options. Then their clients can easily access and confirm or deny the payment with a few taps of a smartphone.
  • Convenience – Many business professionals prefer texting to other messaging platforms due to the speed and ease of use of a text message. There is no longer a need for clients to call the business to make a payment or pay online and re-enter their card info.
  • Efficiency – 91% of all U.S. citizens have their mobile device within reach 24/7. This means a person will most likely view their payment reminder much quicker than with another messaging channel, reducing overdue bills and speeding up the time for businesses to get paid.

Paying via smartphone is quick, efficient, and cuts down on late bills. Text to pay is increasingly becoming a demand for almost every industry. Adding text to pay to your technology stack can help you to stay competitive and provide an additional layer of stickiness to your solution.

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Improve your Brand’s Customer Experience

Imagine sending your customer social media content to their phone with links to make purchases for events, products, donations? Why wait for the off chance to for them to see your posts on social media when you can send it to their phone?
Building an engaging text subscriber list protects your business from relying on social media platforms which can sensor content and limit visibility.

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Fun & Easy

Most business owners are text their clients anyway, but they are doing it from their personal phone or mobile phone. We make it EASY to hide your personal number by setting up a preferred business text line just for your business. We can even port over a preferred number if you have one. That way when you are at home you are not disturbed by texts from customers. We can set up auto responders for after hours as well as menu fields to create various sales funnels. The sky is the limit.
This is not just a great way to take payments, but a great way to get more done and spend time doing the things you love to do and protecting your privacy as a business owner. Now when you go home, work does not follow you, and that makes for happier families.

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Taking a credit card via phone is dangerous. Whenever you verbally ask for a credit card you are exposing your customers card data to fraud. Do you trust everyone who is within ears reach of your customer giving the card number? Plus there is always the time waisted of taking the number over the phone and repeating it when the attendant gets it wrong or you have a bad phone signal. Verbally giving cards over the phone is a terrible idea period.
Sending a secure link is best. The customer clicks on the link from their text message app and they simply enter the credit card details.This can be done for one time payments as well as subscription agreements.
Stop taking cards over the phone and step up your security game. Its faster and more secure and your customers are going to respect you for it

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